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Mimosa Plus Golf Advocates for Sustainability

|Mimosa Plus Golf Advocates for Sustainability
Mimosa Plus Golf Advocates for Sustainability

The movement towards a sustainable and ecological future for the golf industry is underway at Mimosa Plus Golf. The premier open course in Clark proudly presents the sustainability initiatives on social media with the hashtag #SustainableGolfWeek. With Mimosa Plus’ commitment to promote change and be a pioneering force in the country’s golfing community, here are the current initiatives towards a better golfing ecosystem:

  • Committed in conserving water, the Rainbird system automatically adjust sprinkler rates to take full advantage of natural rain. 
  • Mimosa Plus Golf is well on its way to being GEO certified. GEO is a sustainability group founded to support the golfing industry, to make a positive ecological and environmental impact on both players and nature. Its vision is to place social and environmental issues at the roots of the game; to prove that golf is good for nature and communities.
  • Bug hotels were established to provide safe habitat for insects, bringing balance to biodiversity. 
  • Greenstand Tree tagging were implemented to track every tree within the vicinity, monitor surroundings, and give importance to the ecosystem. 
  • Expanding landscapes by converting unplayable areas into red cogon, a type of grass that requires less trimming, translates to a reduction in carbon emission.